Melo-Zed – Eleven

Born in South London, 21-year-old producer and guitarist Melo-Zed had an early introduction to music- studying classical guitar at age 6, developing a keen interest in jazz, hip hop and soul throughout his early teens. Melo found himself meticulously studying records such as Voodoo, Kind Of Blue and Fantastic Vol.2 – citing them as touchstones in his musical education, intrigued by their timeless sound and ‘feeling’ based approach to composition.

Melo-Zed attempts to bring a similar approach to his own productions, ethereal melodies interwoven with intricate, textured beats and subtle vocal layers create a vivid mood that can be easily recognised as his own. Melo-Zed’s interest in experimental, expansive and cinematic music has led him to perform at places such as Boiler Room, score short films for Channel 4 and create sound installations for prestigious institutions such as Tate Modern and Tate Britain.

Through Melo-Zed’s debut EP Eleven, he offers a carefully crafted project, creating a rich and immersive sonic landscape reflecting his ever growing sound palette and finely tuned production style.

eleven EP

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