Melo-Zed Interview

We sat down with Melo-Zed recently to reminisce on the early days + discuss Eleven, his debut EP and what life is like these days for him in London.

So let’s start from the beginning. I first heard your stuff back in 2015 from Stwo. I wanna believe I hit you up that same night but I can’t remember..
I remember.

I think the first time we linked up though was in London that same year on the HW&W Europe Tour. We were renting this weird apartment right above this Chinese restaurant.. Gravez and Tek.Lun were there. It was my first time hanging with Fwdslxsh and PYRMDPLAZA too. Hard to believe that was three years ago.
Yeah that was a big deal to me, connecting with you all in person.

The London show too man.. that shit was fucking LIT! PYRMDPLAZA that night, till this day was one of the craziest sets I ever witnessed..

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