HW&W Bahwee Interview

Bahwee, who recently released Flavors 2 was forced to sit down with us and do a interview. It’s funny because he always talks about how we as a label need to be doing more things like this but any time we ask him to do anything he refuses. Not many people know this, but Bahwee is an idiot and we think it really comes through in this interview. Interviewed by Al Patron over google chat some weeks ago..


Sup bitch


Whats good brah!!? Super honored and privileged homie!?


Fuck you, so I got a few questions for you..


No shit.


So what the hell is going on with The Gap (debut album on MHD/Alpha Pup)?


Fuck man basically I had Haruto master it, then I had Matthew David master it, then I had Mike Gao master it and at some point I fucking realized that Rick Rubin could fucking master it and it’s not gonna change the fact that the album sucks..


Well there’s no point in delaying an album that no one is waiting for..




So then why drop Flavors 2 all of a sudden..? No one asked for that shit..


It wasn’t like I woke up one day and was like “I’m gonna make a Flavors 2 bruh!” It just happened man I dunno what to say.


Well.. one things for sure..




The cover homie…shit is beyond whack..what were you thinking there?



HA! Man…thats just a photo we took off Cheez’s iphone literally 5 hours before we released it. We’re gonna change the cover for the official Flavors 2 release and everything. *HINT


What even inspired this whole Flavors series and how would you describe the sound?


umm…thats that “Cali.”


..and will there be a Flavors 3? Who do you think you are, Hova?


Flavors was inspired mostly by life in college. Just cheifn everyday and all that.. With Flavors 2 it’s a continuation of that theme i guess but just with more swag.


Elaborate on what you mean by ‘more swag’.. it just sounds the same to me.


Thats cuz you have no swag.



Well then talk about the difference between Flavors and Flavors 2.


Its just a natural progression i think. There was no conscious decision to do anything man thats what I’m trying to tell you.


Ok, so we all know how Killa started and runs HW&W but how are you involved..?


I’m essentially Keith’s bitch.


But what is your role as the president of HW&W?


I’m the guy who starts fake beefs to inspire people. Like I’ll take credit for the whole Ta-ku and Elaquent beef. The titles in HW&W, that shit don’t mean nothing, like Juj is “Lead Jewish Council” or whatever and that shit is obviously a lie..




Because Juj is a Baptist. That kid has strong christian values.


How did the whole HW&W team come together?


Im not gonna get into the whole story but I have a funny story about Juj and Elaquent. Like a long time ago I told Juj that I was thinking about asking Elaquent to join HW&W and he just laughed in my face and told me there was no way in hell that would happen. Basically, just to spite Juj, I wrote EQ this 12 page thesis on why he absolutely had to join hw&w and luckily he was down as long as we never signed Ta-ku. And we all know how the rest of the story goes…


Talk about that group dynamic?


Joe told me a long time ago that the thing he respected the most about HW&W is how it was more of a family than a label. We truly do have each other’s back behind the scenes which is something people don’t see. In a funny way I think indirectly we all kind of push each other because we hear each others shit and we all feel like the other is a lot better.


What do you have planned next?


Well i got an EP dropping on Soulection very soon. I’m thinking about doing one more free tape and then The Gap sometime after.




That shit is old bruh, its all about #discolife now…niggas don’t know shit about this #discolife.



lol oh yeah..been meaning to ask you…What’s up with all the trap shit at the shows? Mr #traplife.


lol i dunno thats just me doing me. I dont wanna go up there and play out Flavors or some shit…nobodys trying to hear that shit.




So i just go up there and play the shit ive been bumping and it just so happens that 99% of the time its Meek Mill & French Montana.


So how are the fans going to know that you really make soft ass beats when all you do is show up to these events and bump hard ass trap shit?


I dont play shows expecting to make “fans”.. I agree to play shows so i can bump French Montana really loud, thats it.


Ok here’s a good one, why do you make music?


For myself and the bitches, period.


You have to explain?


I dunno how people are going to take this but I could give a shit about impressing some dude or anybody for that matter but the idea that some hot ass girl out there is bumping my shit, that shit is swag to me. Women just inspire me in general..


I feel you. How do you feel about this emerging beatscene and being a part of it?


I truly genuinely respect the music.. But i dont really consider myself a part of it… I feel like im more of an everyday hip hop producer.. Like i embrace all the left field, crazy shit…but at the end of the day I think im just really driven by pop music.


Why do you think that is?


I dunno… Like this goes without saying but I’m not particularly a technical producer or know anything really about sound and acoustics or whatever.. like i’ll sample whatever i can get my hands on, i’ll rip a youtube video… i’ll sample stuff from shit i dont even listen to… Like alot of ppl give me props for sampling this Kpop song on this beat i did called BLUR… but i dont even know who the fuck those guys are… I just found that shit on your computer and just flipped that bitch…


Talk a bit about that. Like your “studio” process …


Up until like 4 months ago, everything I had ever put out was done was with a keyboard and a mouse…
Im not even talking about an actual keyboard im talking about that shit you type with and shit…and a mouse. I can take it a step further and say like at least 1/2 the time I dont even give a fuck and just quantize everything on my shit…like…I really dont give a shit… And I know Elaquent and Ta-ku are shaking their heads but whatever man. Nigga I stays quantizing bruh. Im not one of these “future” ass motherfuckers who make that crazy, pushing the envelope shit. Like i want to, but that shit just aint in me. Imma let EQ and Gao and all them handle all that…


LOLLLLL…Lets just end it with some shoutouts.


lol..yoyoyo.. special shoutout to my loving grandaughter Juj, and bigups to my nigga Sona out in Quebec, I see you bruh. Reggie, for christ’s sake check your email every once in a while man and to Joe Kay, what more can I say…you’re like a fucking niece to me…this shit is like the Mob man we out here in these streets puttin in work bitch act like you know something..


Aite, aite lets just end it here.