Evil Needle – Equilibrium

The mad scientist is back from the lab! Evil Needle’s latest release, Equilibrium, is set to drop under HW&W Recordings on June 5, 2012. In 2011, Evil Needle broke through the scene with his first major release, Cirrostratus. Cirrostratus emitted a very powerful hip hop influence that showcased crisp drums and upbeat chord progressions that kept your head nodding throughout. In the same year, Evil Needle followed Cirrostratus with his second major release, Mood, which was more laidback with a Neo-soul twist.

In Equilibrium, Evil Needle creates a vibe that combines the styles of both Cirrostratus and Mood. The result is a powerful cohesive album that provides a cinematic listening experience throughout the album.

Equilibrium will send chills down your spine and instill a cozy warm feeling in your gut from start to finish.