HW&W Juj Interview


Juj has his debut LP, Walnut dropping on Feb 8th and we thought it would be nice to do an interview with him. The thing is we were wrong. Luckily for you we sorta made up for it at the end. This Interview was conducted by Bahwee over Google chat a couple days ago…






State your name, place of residence, etc..


Julian. I live in LA


Talk about your upcoming project Walnut.. mainly… what the hell took so long??


Walnut is a collection of the least shitty things I made in the past year or so. I took forever cause I’d prefer to not put out just some bullshit, and discarded most of the things I made in that time to end up with the final product. Also I just had other things going on in life like school and watching movies and non beats shit


By other things going on, do you mean the time my cousin peed into your air conditioning vent and denied it later before ultimately confessing to it?


That sure took up some of my time


Listening to Walnut…(which I have many times)… it feels alot more of a complete thought..than a random bunching of tracks..is that a fair assessment to make?




Can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or not…


I guess… I just looked at all the stuff i had and tried to order it.


Talk about your writing/recording process. Obviously a lot of your stuff is sample based…Some of it is more composition based.. Like how does Juj go about making a beat?


Well i usually make patches of little individual instrument notes from records or ripped from videos or whatever. Then i open reason and just play around. It tends to be a mix of vinyl rips, soft synths, some drum pattern i played out, etc.



Whats the most important piece of equipment you own?


My MPC is the only equipment i use consistently really..


Do you think living in Santa Cruz during the duration of you writing this album affected the sound at all? Like do you find yourself making different stuff when you’re in LA?


Um. I don’t really know, maybe. I’m thinking now that in Santa Cruz there wasn’t shit for a music scene (beats at least), so i wasn’t going to shows at all. So i think when I’m in LA, my perspective might be more geared towards how something could play out at a show, whereas in santa cruz the vibe was more high chilling at home..


How do you feel about this whole LA scene… and its growth… you were around when it was sorta just picking up..now its like this big ass thing…any thoughts?


I don’t really know, it doesn’t feel all that different to me. If anything, the difference is I used to go to Low End all the time and there’d be 40 people there, whereas now I only go if a homie’s playing cause i can’t deal with the crowd/line bullshit. But it’ll be real interesting to see where it goes in the future. It’s weird because when it started i thought the big thing was being offbeat/weird/alternative in a way that was probably too much for average pop/mainstream casual listeners ya know? But then dubstep and trap and all this shit sort of became the most popular thing, and i feel like the public is hungry for more weird interesting sounds more so than 5 years ago. So maybe Britney Spears will be singing over some of [Flying] Lotus’ shit in 5 years..



Speaking of Britney Spears… Isn’t it true that you were close of enough to Britney to slap her ass if you had any balls or dignity?


Yea i worked at a shitty restaurant for a minute and she came through. I slipped her my demo while i slapped her tits.. So now we’re working together.


Alright so now for some hard hitting questions… Why dont you skate anymore? And whatsup with your obsession with tech decks?


Well i like both music and skating, but with music i never fall on my god damn face. So that and laziness


Me and Frans were skating this gap the other day… I fucking ate shit sooo fucking bad.. Ask him the next time you see him.. Fucking terrible…


Tech decks are just the shit. I still have like a compulsion to see boards flip and land nicely. So i just flip em around subconsciously while i’m on the computer..


I heard you’re pretty adept at Bop It Extreme as well


It’s really handboards. I’m a lot better at handboarding than i am at music. So as soon as red bull starts sponsoring international events i’ll sweep em.. I don’t get the Bop It joke


It’s not a joke. I know about you and your love of Bop It! Its fine if you don’t want to admit it here..


Dude i just talked about handboarding i’m not trying to seem tight.. Bop It is sick but i don’t think i’ve touched one in like 3 years.. You in the mood to start wrapping this up? This is fucking boring bruh..


Dude i cant lie this is one of the worst interviews we’ve ever done.. Should we just scrap the whole thing?


I don’t know why you’re asking me about handboards and britney spears and shit.. I feel like none of this is helping or adding anything that the verbal one didn’t already cover…



Fuck it dude.. I’m not even going to use this shit


Haha that’s chill


My bad man!


If anything just put a banner that says ‘David Suh peed in Juj’s heating vent’.. That’s the only part of this that was funny or worth promoting..


I’ll figure something out.. Maybe just have the interview be one statement on how David peed..


hahaha.. See that would actually be worth reading..


The only person who isnt going to take it well is David. He gets hella worked up every time i bring it up.. Which is practically every time i see him.


Well maybe he should have thought of that before he whipped it out and peed on the floor and then denied it immediately..


Very true… But thats always been David’s problem.. his utter lack of thought..


Lol see now we’re getting somewhere!


Alright well talk to you later bitch


Thanks for this tremendous honor… It was an absolute priviledge..


This was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I’m really going to miss you bb..


Get me a fucking ledge..



Walnut drops Feb 8th worldwide digitally and on limited 12″ vinyl.