012 – Mike Gao

Multiple beat battle wins. Played Low End Theory from one of the first nights. Created and released a successful iPhone app for detecting your beatbox: Vocal Beater. First official beat scene release on All City Records 10x10x8.

Critically acclaimed underground hip-hop releases since 2005 with artists like Mestizo, Qwel, Luckyiam, Dumbfoundead, etc. Developed iPad app for music improvisation and composition, effectively doubling his comfort with tonality and writing chords. Developed VST plugins for rhythm control and custom sound.

Along with partner Jason Sadural, he is one of the first to write software to programatically and remotely recognize turntable gestures and moves. Currently a music technology PhD. student under Miller Puckette, the MSP in Max/MSP, a widely used software now integrated into Ableton Live as Max 4 Live.

Teacher, hacker, beat music theorist, inventor, luthier, VJ, photographer, video producer, beat maker, and programmer.