Reva DeVito – The Move EP

“The Move is a body of work that is incredibly meaningful to me. Not only is it my debut EP, but it is a product of years of work. It was an incredible honor to be able to work with Kaytranada as well as Tek and the boys from HW&W. It was also a treat to get work with new folks like Birthday Boy, as well as old friends like Roane Namuh.”

“These songs are reminders to continue to strive for your goals and never stop moving toward your creative visions, thus the title of the EP. You just can’t ever stop doing what you love and believe in. It may take a while for some, but stay dedicated. Thats the move, baby.” – Reva



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0.001% ???

Kay you crazy for this one..

1 hour and 27 minutes of unreleased gems/heaters from the boy wonder. Gave it a listen before going to sleep last night, I know I heard a Usher remix in there somewhere. All this coming off the heels of a Polaris Music Prize victory this past Monday for 99.9%.. Must say its been a great week for Kev and his fans everywhere.

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New Tees

Super stoked on this drop. Our boy PYRMDPLAZA called one day and insisted on us doing something anime related. After some back and forth we agreed on AKIRA and literally went through hundreds of screenshots from the film before having Frans draw up the climactic scene. The other is a shirt inspired by classic American gasoline culture.





Go cop the new tees HERE.

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