Stwo’s OVO Sound Radio Mix

Around sometime late last year Stwo got the call that knew would change his life in a major way. 40, the renowned friend and producer of Drake, offered Stwo a publishing deal to work with him as what would essentially be his protege. A few months later he packed his shit and moved to the 6, where after a brief period of no contact at all with Drake led to being on set of the Where Ya At music video. Nowadays you can catch Stwo working out of 40’s studio, slowly crafting the new shit that just might make the cut for PND’s next shit, or maybe even the kid Drake’s.. Could you imagine being 21 years old and releasing a mixtape of beats inspired by the sound 40 and Drake cultivated, only to be working with them a year later? That’s where Stwo’s at right now and this mix for OVO Sound Radio sets the tone for what’s to come. Over this past year we got to spend a lot of time together when he’d come stay at my house during his frequent trips to Los Angeles. The kid is still the fun-loving, genuinely stoked to go bowling and eat french fries dude that he’s always been, although I sense an unspoken purpose to what he does musically now. He maintains this sort of responsibility to really create something lasting, to make that real shit. With his debut EP DTSNT nearly completed and the release of “Haunted” a few weeks ago, now the world can only sit and watch for the boy’s next move. We’re all proud of you bro for real.