e’re bringing the whole squad out for our Europe Tour. Let’s fucking get it.


27.04 GHENT 👉 http://on.fb.me/1T8QAjm
28.04 AMSTERDAM 👉 http://on.fb.me/1LeEv9g
30.04 LONDON 👉 http://on.fb.me/1oJhjq1
01.05 BERLIN 👉 http://on.fb.me/24qQW8v
04.05 MILANO 👉 http://on.fb.me/1R3ALV0
05.05 BERN 👉 http://on.fb.me/21iMBFp
06.05 ZURICH 👉 http://on.fb.me/1Qfw36L
07.05 PARIS 👉 http://on.fb.me/1LeIjHE

#HWandW #kitsuneclubnight

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DrewsThatDude “En Amor” EP coming April 8th

DrewsThatDude, the latest addition to the squad and R&B viking has done it all. At only 25 years old, the NY native boasts an impressive resume with multi-platinum production credits under his belt having worked with everyone from Trey Songz to Young Jeezy. With “En Amor” comes his debut EP on HW&W showcasing his undeniable knack for melodies that helped build his reputation as one of the best pushing the R&B sound today. Check out the lead single “Iced Tea” and the animated video for “Addiction” below and be sure to cop the EP on April 8th.

Animation by Angelo Vilar, Illustration by Frans

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In early October Gravez, Tek.lun, and DrewsThatDude came down to LA with one mission in mind: to find an apartment. We had been planning this move for the better part of a year and it finally came together this month. I’m actually sitting here in their new spot now listening to Gravez make a beat while Drew is playing the new Star Wars game on the PS4.

In the past week Tek and Drew cut a collab EP and a lot of the new material going on Gravez’ debut EP was recorded here as well. Now the only step left is for Fwdslxsh, currently in East London to get his Visa sorted so he can come out here for a few months at a time.

Congrats to the boys. This is the start of something big. Let’s get it.


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HW&W Interview: DrewsThatDude

Sup yall. Today we’re joined by one of HW&W’s latest additions + elder statesmen, DrewsThatDude. The former NYC streetball legend/classically trained pianist/all around synth God speaks with us about his childhood in Hemstead, Mac Miller, and some of his favorite shit.

Low key the guy is a multi-platinum, Grammy nominated producer who has tracks with Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, T-Pain, you name it.. Even our old friend Omarion. So the question remains, after years of paying dues and finding success in the rap production world, why align himself now with HW&W?


First things first, tell the people who you are…Other than the guy who is on every other Fortune track.

I am Andrew Lloyd aka DrewsThatDude aka Fortune’s big brother, not by blood though I just took him under my wing.

Ok so your name is DrewsThatDude…which for some reason made me automatically assume you were this dude from the hood. Is that racist? It’s definitely something.

I don’t know about racist haha.

Good, good. We linked up for the first time in LA a few weeks ago and I find out you’re more caked up then all of us. I think what you said is, and I quote, “I didn’t know how well off I was until I went outside and saw my white driver.” I think his name was Toby.

LMAO, ah shit. I wish niggas had a white driver named Toby, on some reverse roots shit.

Lol for all the people freaking out at home reading this, I’m just joking.

Word, me too.

Talk a bit about your background, childhood, growing up in NY…

Basically I was born in this town, Hempstead which is on Long Island, 30 minutes from NYC closer to Queens. My dad worked in a plumbing supply warehouse and we were an average, lower middle class family, but the area that we lived in was just shit. There was so much going on, but my dad eventually started his own business and that’s when we started moving around. I actually bounced around NY…lived in Cambria Heights, Queens for a bit. Man, to be real I had no childhood, I was a music baby. It’s crazy because nobody in my family does music but me. They stuck me in front of a piano when I was like 5 on some random shit too.

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