HW&W Interview with Sosupersam

Meet our latest and greatest addition to the HW&W fambam, Sosupersam. We’ve been huge fans of Sam for years now and it’s truly an honor to have her playing for the home team. With a penchant for 90s R&B and all things food, the LA native has been making big noise with her mixtapes and eclectic DJ sets. Whether it’s touring the world with Childish Gambino or opening for Boyz II Men, Sosupersam always brings the party with her wherever she goes. By the time you’re reading this, Sam will be well on her way to New York where she will be doing her thing as always.. and eating bomb food as always. She dropped a brand new mix for you too btw, which you can stream/DL at the end.

HW&W: Introduce yourself to the HW&W fans. Who are you bruh?

Sam: I’m Samantha, my friends call me Sam and the music and internet world might know me as SOSUPERSAM. Wzup.

HW&W: What got you started in DJing/music? Who were some of your earliest influences?

I’ve always been in and around music since I was a kid. I grew up dancing, playing the piano, singing in choir, being a musical theater brat. My cousin Tommy Gunn lived around the corner from where I grew up; he worked at labels like Loud Records and Rawkus Records, he managed the Beat Junkies for many years and is a DJ himself. I remember marveling at his massive record collection, and then tagging along with him to Beat Junkies gigs. He was always listening to crazy drum breaks in his car, and sometimes he’d come over with a big box of promo tapes. It was wild to me. After a very poor attempt at DJ’ing with this broke ass set up I had conjured up out of a shitty Gemini mixer and my dad’s old turntable, I decided I would DJ for real when I could afford actual equipment. That day came in 2008, I bought turntables and a mixer and it was on and poppppppppppppppin. I learned how to beat match on Toto and Deniece Williams and Debarge and Common vinyl, it was bangin!

HW&W: How would you describe a Sosupersam set? What makes you different from alllll the other DJs?

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