Melo-Zed Interview

We sat down with Melo-Zed recently to reminisce on the early days + discuss Eleven, his debut EP and what life is like these days for him in London.

So let’s start from the beginning. I first heard your stuff back in 2015 from Stwo. I wanna believe I hit you up that same night but I can’t remember..
I remember.

I think the first time we linked up though was in London that same year on the HW&W Europe Tour. We were renting this weird apartment right above this Chinese restaurant.. Gravez and Tek.Lun were there. It was my first time hanging with Fwdslxsh and PYRMDPLAZA too. Hard to believe that was three years ago.
Yeah that was a big deal to me, connecting with you all in person.

The London show too man.. that shit was fucking LIT! PYRMDPLAZA that night, till this day was one of the craziest sets I ever witnessed..

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HW&W Interview: DrewsThatDude

Sup yall. Today we’re joined by one of HW&W’s latest additions + elder statesmen, DrewsThatDude. The former NYC streetball legend/classically trained pianist/all around synth God speaks with us about his childhood in Hemstead, Mac Miller, and some of his favorite shit.

Low key the guy is a multi-platinum, Grammy nominated producer who has tracks with Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, T-Pain, you name it.. Even our old friend Omarion. So the question remains, after years of paying dues and finding success in the rap production world, why align himself now with HW&W?


First things first, tell the people who you are…Other than the guy who is on every other Fortune track.

I am Andrew Lloyd aka DrewsThatDude aka Fortune’s big brother, not by blood though I just took him under my wing.

Ok so your name is DrewsThatDude…which for some reason made me automatically assume you were this dude from the hood. Is that racist? It’s definitely something.

I don’t know about racist haha.

Good, good. We linked up for the first time in LA a few weeks ago and I find out you’re more caked up then all of us. I think what you said is, and I quote, “I didn’t know how well off I was until I went outside and saw my white driver.” I think his name was Toby.

LMAO, ah shit. I wish niggas had a white driver named Toby, on some reverse roots shit.

Lol for all the people freaking out at home reading this, I’m just joking.

Word, me too.

Talk a bit about your background, childhood, growing up in NY…

Basically I was born in this town, Hempstead which is on Long Island, 30 minutes from NYC closer to Queens. My dad worked in a plumbing supply warehouse and we were an average, lower middle class family, but the area that we lived in was just shit. There was so much going on, but my dad eventually started his own business and that’s when we started moving around. I actually bounced around NY…lived in Cambria Heights, Queens for a bit. Man, to be real I had no childhood, I was a music baby. It’s crazy because nobody in my family does music but me. They stuck me in front of a piano when I was like 5 on some random shit too.

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HW&W Interview: STWO



Stwo, aka the swag daddy was kind enough to answer a few questions we emailed him awhile back regarding life and things. Recently having moved from Paris to Barcelona, he’s been busy going to school, forgetting to check his passport, and perfecting his single dance move, “the hand on the wheel”.. all the while working on his debut HW&W EP. His single “Liz” which pretty much was his worst song up to date has received a lot of love.. but his remixes and work with vocalists such as Shay Lia has everyone asking for more from the swag champion. Stwo, without question is one of our most talented musicians and we expect big things from this guy. But first, enjoy this interview.


Introduce yourself. State your name and where you are from.


My name is Steven, aka Stwo and I’m a producer/dj from Paris.


How did you first get introduced to HW&W?


Thanks to Soulection, which was my first label.


Why did you decide to join us?


Because my inspiration came from your roster and because you have the weirdest label name in the game.




You are one of WRC’s brightest stars… how would you describe your relationship with Will aka Yung Yoga aka Prince William III?


I’m really lucky to have been chosen by the Prince. I met him only once, but we talk a lot virtually.. he’s much more a friend than a manager to me. He’s working so hard for us and he’s giving me so many opportunites. I’m really proud to be part of the WRC team. I’m thankful, s/o to him. He’s the type of guy to have wifi during his flight. That means everything.


The legend is you met Kaytra in Paris (I think?).. Explain how you guys met.


photo (4)


That’s true, Will invited me to meet him and Kaytra in Paris at the Peacock Festival. It was an amazing night. I have a lot of respect for Kaytra.. both for his work and his character.. super humble dude. He’s already doing big things and I wish him nothing but the best.


How would you describe your studio process?


Most of the time, I’m listening to a lot of tracks until I can start something. I’m always looking for inspiration. I don’t have any specific process like starting with drums or chords, etc. I just get carried away by inspiration. The only thing is that when I start a beat I try to finish it during the night, or the day after. I don’t like working on tracks for days, I feel like I lose my mood and become tired of it quickly.


You have a multitude of styles. You never just stick with one genre. Explain this. Will we ever hear a Stwo opera EP? Or perhaps a Stwo country EP?


This is not easy; I started making music by practicing bass guitar, then doing instrumental hip-hop beats – I also had my dubstep phase – and now I don’t really know how to label my music. I don’t have any style, I like listening to lots of kinds of music, so I’ll keep doing different styles, you can expect everything.. but you just gave me a great idea with the country EP..




Why didn’t you check your passport? I heard Will had to call the French Embassy and deal with them directly to get you to Montreal, lol..


I’m European and here ID is enough, I usually don’t fuck with passports and stuff. Yeah so I missed a gig in Halifax with Falcons and Kaytra, which sucks. But I made it to Montreal, by the sweat of my brow lol but I learned my lesson! I will never wait until 6 hours before the flight to check if everything is in order anymore.


How was your show in Montreal btw?


Dope.. amazing experience; people were really cool and there was a crazy atmosphere. At the end, when I dropped Sango’s remix “You Owe Me”, girls were twerking on stage and shit. I cant wait to go back there.


Who is your favorite producer on HW&W and why?


Really hard to say one is better than the other, the roster’s too good. I would say Kaytra, Ta-ku, Sweater Beats, Falcons, EQ, Mike Gao, Needle.. lol I just can’t chose one. Bahwee is definitely the worst..




You are currently working on your debut HW&W EP, describe the process.. What can we expect?


I don’t know yet, but I think I’ll work on something little bit more bouncy, but I’ll keep this soulful approach. I think there will be some collabs on it too.


Who are some of your dream collaborations? If you could work with anybody who would it be?


My dream collab is Pharrell Williams. I’m also a fan of every producer from HW&W/Soulection/Pelican Fly, I’d love to work with Cashmere Cat, Sinjin Hawke, Mr. Carmack, Kaytra, Sango..




Describe your typical day in Paris. Or didn’t you move to Barcelona? Describe your typical day.


I moved to Barcelona a month ago. I have a lifestyle more focused on the nightlife. I attend class at university and then I spend the rest of the day eating, sleeping, listening to music and when the night comes I start producing. I have some trouble with sleeping lol..


What are your favorite foods to eat? Do you drink? And most importantly, do you smoke weed?


Burgers, any kind of burgers. I drink whiskey most of the time and I yes I smoke weed.




What were some of your early childhood hobbies? Who were your early musical influences?


I did some sports, I played Nintendo and I used to be a skater. I always played around with music. I have a musical family so I started playing bass guitar when I was young thanks to my father who is a funk addict and amazing piano player. He introduced me to groups from the 80/90’s like Earth Wind & Fire, Imagination, Stevie Wonder, Kool & the Gang, Prince, Michael Jackson… I was also into electronic groups like Daft Punk and Stardust. When I finally discovered hip-hop I listened to Nas, A Tribe Called Quest, Eminem, Dr Dre, Ice Cube, Notorious BIG and Wu-Tang..


Who are your favorite rappers?


I have a lot, but I’d say Nas, Notorious B.I.G, Q-Tip and Eminem. Atm I’m listening to a lot of Action Bronson, Kendrick, Tyler the Creator, Flatbush Zombies, Underachievers, Danny Brown, Chance the Rapper and Aaron Cohen.




Who are your favorite producers?


My favorite producer ever is Pharrell Williams, but I’d say that Mr. Carmack, Kaytranada and Sango are some the best producers atm.


Who is your celebrity crush? Name a couple. Who are the sexiest women basically?


Jessica Alba, for ever and ever. Ciara, Adriana Lima, Mila Kunis… KITTENS is part of my list too. I have something for brunettes.




If you and Falcons had a dance off, who would win and why?


I’d be screwed because I only have one dance move: the hand on the steering wheel. But if he’s down, we can make this happen. Yo Falcons, if you’re reading this… this is an official challenge!


I want to see you collaborate with EQ, what can we do to make this happen?


Elaquent is one of the guys I was thinking of when I told you about collaborations for my HW&W EP so if he’s down, it will happen for sure.


What are some of your favorite films?


I enjoy watching films but I have a shitty memory so I forget most of them.. All the Tarantino and Scorsese films and Half Baked are the first that come to my mind.


Goodfellas photo


Favorite albums of all time and why.


I’d say Michael Jackson’s «Thriller», Dr dre «2001» and Daft Punk’s «Discovery» because these 3 albums represent everything I like in music.


Last words to the fans. Shout outs. etc…


S/o to HW&W, I’m so glad to be part of the family. You guys are the coolest. S/o to Will aka Yung Yoga for being the best at what he is doing. And lastly s/o to all the supporters who listen and give me feedback on my tracks that means so much to me. Much love to you all.



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INTERVIEW : Songs To Break Up To

“I recorded a track by track explanation of each track from the “Songs To Break Up To” EP. Hopefully it gives you some insight on how and why it was made. To me, it was more than just a musical project & i hope you felt that. I ramble a little so i made it a free download. I want to thank everyone who has supported the EP in their own way. Truly humbled and appreciative of it all. Much love.” – Ta-ku

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