HW&W Interview: POMO



Pomo is one of the latest/greatest additions to the fambam. Hailing from Montreal like a certain famous HW&W producer.. you can say the Canadian takeover of HW&W has officially started. A debut EP is currently in the works and his single “So Fine” will be out next week on iTunes. In the meantime check out his new mix, “Midnight Crusing” and stay tuned for more news from us and Pomo.


Interviewed by Bahwee yesterday over Google Chat.


State your name and place of residence.


David Pimentel, Montreal.


If you notice, HW&W’s roster is being taking over by Canadians.. Kaytra is from Montreal, Falcons is from Vancouver, EQ is from Guelph.. Have you ever ran into Kay in Montreal?




Yeah I see him all the time at shows! I opened for Stwo before I was on HW&W and he was there as well.


Kay was the one to put me on to you. He posted “So Fine” and right when I heard it I was like, “HOLY FUCKING SHIT!” You are definitely bringing a new sound to the table. How would you describe your music/sound?



Haha, thanks. My music/sound is influenced by a lot of stuff. Before I was producing music I was playing in bands for years. I played in a prog rock band for a while, and more recently a band backing up the rapper Panther, who is on my track Die Like This.


I used to play lead guitar in a rock band called Sabotage, lol..


Hahah that’s awesome! I played guitar in the prog rock band. I’m trying to get into more guitar playing lately too and putting it into my music. But Id describe my sound as synthy, jazzy, groovy. I try to incorporate a lot of my influences into my music and I like to try different styles and sounds etc. Keep it interesting.


When I first heard “So Fine” I was like ok, ok.. But then I heard Gangdu and I was like.. wth?? You definitely have a lot of range.. How do you think playing instruments has influenced your writing/recording process? And is everything you do played out? A lot of ppl say they do.. but there’s only a select few like Juj who REALLY DO..




Yeah either 99 or 100% of stuff i record is played out. I play the drums on the keyboard.. everything on the keyboard really.. Its the funnest and easiest way to write for me. I’ll start off playing around with drum sounds until i find a cool loop to start with and then just jamming on that, adding stuff.


Who is singing on So Fine? Is that you?


Yeah So Fine is me singing.


As long as it wasn’t Ebrahim.. I hope your EP has more singing on it mane!


Its funny because I never sang on my recordings before that, but I had a microphone and vocal booth set up from recording Antony (the singer of Nouvel Age) so I decided to try recording some vocal ideas I had and I ended up kinda liking it lol.. It will haha!


Word.. I have a mic set up right now for one of my rapper homies.. Now I be rapping my ass off and shit, lol.. I actually sent one of my rap tracks to Ta-ku and EQ.


Hahah niiice.. I wish I could rap!


Talk about Nouvel Age. “Let Me Know” is fucking DOPE!


Nouvel Age is a project I started with a singer named Antony Carle. We used to work together and eventually realized we had the exact same music taste. So we started writing music together and playing shows. Our next single is actually in my new mix.


Who are some of your favorite musicians, bands?


I guess I’ll start with my all time favs, a few big ones for me would be Radiohead, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Prince, and Michael Jackson. They have all been hugely influential to me, and everyone pretty much. These days I’m really into alot of jazzier stuff like Robert Glasper Experiment.




Name your top 5 hip hop producers, I myself am super curious about this..


Dilla obviously..




Black Milk I love a lot.. Hudson Mohawke.. Madlib and The Neptunes.. in no particular order.


I think nearly everyone lists The Neptunes in their top 5.. esp me, Kay, and Sweaters..


Their sound is just so sick. haha, and their chord progressions are awesome


Yeah man and Pharrell’s drum work… 2nd to none. Ok lets see.. Were you surprised when we hit you up.. why did you decide to join HW&W?




I was surprised! I remember looking at my phone and seeing a new message, and when it was from you guys.. I recognized it right away being a big fan myself of the artists on the label. So joining wasn’t a hard decision to make haha.. It seemed like the right label for me considering I love what you guys do and how your music pushes boundaries and that’s something I want to be a part of for sure.


I definitely consider you a special signing.. just for the simple fact that you have an entirely different sound and that Kay was super big on your shit.. If your debut EP is called “NO POMO”.. you will go down in history!


LMAO.. We’ll see..


What can people expect from your EP? And just in the future in general?


I guess you can expect luscious synths, grooves, different bpms, some tracks in the style of So Fine, some completely different stuff. In the near future expect some singles/possibly remixes. As well as some collaborations I’m in the process of working on.


Ok before the fun questions, one last boring one.. What are you main interests outside of music?


Lets see… Film is a pretty big one, and food. I love to cook…. and eat. This took me too long to answer.. music takes up a lot of time haha!


Name some of your favorite films.


Pulp Fiction, Annie Hall, Blue Velvet, Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, and Lost In Translation.




Your favorite book as a kid.


Probably Harry Potter. When first picked that shit up at the elementary school book fair I was hooked!


Top 5 favorite cartoons.


Ren And Stimpy, Adventure Time, South Park, Cowboy Bebop, and Space Ghost Coast To Coast


If you were gonna die tomorrow, what would be your last meal?


Sushi from Jiro’s restaurant…. If you haven’t seen Jiro Dreams Of Sushi watch it.




Top 5 favorite rappers.


Danny Brown, Baatin, Chali 2na, Q-Tip and Kendrick Lamar.


What is your most important piece of studio equipment?


I love the JP-8000, has some great leads and fat basses. Deciding what hardware synth to get next at the moment. Probably the most important though is my midi controller. Definitely gets the most use haha.


Favorite video games of all time.


Metal Gear Solid, its the only game I’ve played entirely through in one sitting. Chrono Trigger, Super Smash Bros. and I had this Sonic The Hedgehog game for Dreamcast that was really tight.




What are you dreams? At the end of the day what do you want to accomplish musically, creatively?


At the end of the day I’m trying to get creative with my music, always trying to explore new ideas and push myself. Always comparing myself to the greats as well. I want to make focused albums, and get more into singing. I love producing for other artists as well. Working with people and bouncing ideas back and forth is one of my favorite ways to write music. I just want to create music and tour… those are my dreams really.


Last words to all the HW&W fans out there, shout outs, etc..


Thanks to everyone who has been feeling my stuff so far it means a lot to me. I’m very excited to release more music for you guys. Shouts out to AstroLogical, Nick Wisdom, Panther, Kaytranada, Tamir Schlanger, Leon Feldman and Garrett Fink!




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HW&W Ta-ku Interview Pt. 1


Tomorrow, October 8th marks the release of Ta-ku’s much anticipated “Songs To Break Up To” EP. Rather than our typical interview format, Ta-ku suggested that we just show the iMessage conversation between himself and Bahwee the other day where they discussed the new album, marketing, fans, etc.. Just to clear up any confusion.. in the beginning.. Ta-ku sent Bahwee a track with vocals and the idiot.. (Bahwee) thought it was Ta-ku singing, LOL! Check back here later for Part 2. Enjoy.


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photo 3 (5)
photo 4 (5)
photo 5


Check back in a couple days for Pt. 2 of this HW&W conversation with Ta-ku.




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Levi’s® x Hypebeast Railside Conversations: Eddie Huang x DJ SoSuperSam

In September, Levi’s® and Hypebeast brought together two unique creatives from different fields to discuss identity, inspiration and creative process as it relates to their own craft, as part of an extension of Station to Station, a public art project made possible by Levi’s®.

Eddie Huang and DJ SoSuperSam are the first pairing of the Levi’s® x Hypebeast Railside Conversations. Eddie Huang’s been riding a massive whirlwind of projects, including his book Fresh Off The Boat as well as starting the second season of his show on VICE. Eddie is joined by DJ SoSuperSam, the often outspoken and brash DJ, whose previous gigs include DJing for Childish Gambino and opening for Erykah Badu. Watch as they engage in a lively conversation with a lot of personal reflection and of course musically-inclined banter.

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HW&W Interview: Astronautica



Edrina Martinez, a.k.a. Astronautica, is a 22-year-old producer in the growing electronic music scene who recently joined forces with HW&W and released her “Summer Lovers” mixtape (that got a lot of love btw).. Many of you’ve been hitting us up asking about her so we decided to sit down with Yung Edrina and ask her questions of our own. Enjoy.


Start off by introducing yourself..


I’m Edrina aka Astronautica. I’m a student/producer/dj.


And producer.


Yes and producer.


When I talked to you earlier you mentioned you were going to go on a run, how did it go?


I actually did a 45 minute Jillian Michaels yoga video.. it kicked my ass


Whats up with everyone on HW&W doing yoga? Kittens, Sosupersam, you? Even our manager Will does yoga.. We call him Yung Yoga..


LOL.. They do bikram.. which is way outta my league, I can’t hang. I like doing it in my own room cause I can stop after every other pose hahaha.


What else do you do for fun?


I paint, but I’m not Picasso or anything.. It’s just a nice contrast to making music cause it’s not as loud. My hearing is pretty shot now, so when I’m producing I have the volume all the way up, and when I’m painting the music doesn’t have to be so loud. I also like going on hikes and camping too.




Damn man I hate camping and shit. Hiking is the dumbest shit. It’s like you go thru all this pain to walk up something..


OMG.. Nature hater!


And then you walk down, like.. child please.. I fux with nature but hiking is whack..


I especially like it when the whole path is covered with trees so it’s like 20 degrees cooler.. that’s cool


Ok, so musically then.. what was the point that you were like.. I’m going to try this.. and who were your early influences?


I really got into it because the music I was listening to at the time was a combination of all these different kind of genres that I loved (hip hop, jazz, r&b, electronic, etc.) I was really into Free the Robots, Tokimonsta, Flylo, Nosaj, Aether, Shlohmo, the list goes on. I had a friend who kinda showed me the ropes with Ableton and stuff. From there I just committed all my time to making songs, 4 a.m. was my new bedtime for a while, just cause I was up trying to learn as much as I could. Then I started putting stuff on Soundcloud and people started listening.


So what made you want to join HW&W? I honestly didn’t want to sign you but Frans kept bringing you up and I was like naw.. But then I did my homework and I was like OK, she ugly as hell but she got some swag..


So you were saying naw without even knowing me???!


Listen, you’re talking to the guy who turned down Ta-ku at first. It’s a funny story I’ll let Reg tell it in his interview later..




Lol really?? But I wanted to join HW&W because I seriously love the sound and vision of the label. Every artist on the roster I’m super into, and I wanted to be apart of it.


Name your favorite producer on the label and then the sexiest.


Sweater Beats! and sexiest one(s).. Sam and Kittens 😉


Talk about your writing process.


I just want accomplish building something that can take form over a few days, weeks, months.. Rarely do I finish a song in a day because I like taking my time with it. I might make something one day, then come back to it a few days later and absolutely hate it. So my goal is to make music that I’ll come back to and be like, okay I can work with this, add this, take this out, etc. Creatively I want to make music that has emotion because this is my outlet, and the way I express myself. But to be creative, sometimes I need to get out of my comfort zone, and that’s also when I feel accomplished – when I’ve made a track totally different from the rest, I’m into it, and it sounds good.




What can we expect from you this year.. In terms of releases, shows, etc..


I’ve been working with a couple vocalists, so definitely look out for some tracks with that added element in it. I want to get another LP out too, so I’ll be working on that. As far as upcoming shows, I’m playing next Thursday, September 19, in Denver with Nosaj Thing and Lapalux and I’m doing my residency with Beat Cinema every last Friday of the month.


Ok, enough of the boring ass questions.. Let’s do the fun ones.. just say whatever first come to mind..


Hah okay


Favorite films.


Scarface, Mean Girls, Blue Valentine, Fear and Loathing, Vicky Christina Barcelona.. not in any specific order.


Top 5 producers.


J Dilla, Timbaland & Missy Elliot, Q tip, Burial.. one more, Pharrell.




Favorite places to eat.


Spaghetti Eddies, Best Fish Tacos in Ensenada, Bottega Louie, Claros (best sandwiches), House of Louie


If you could get laced up by one clothing brand for the rest of your life, who would it be and why?


It would be cool if Nasty Gal could just send me packages of clothes/shoes/bags/etc. forever, because why not?


5 things you cant leave the crib without


Chapstick/lipgloss/lipstick, iPad, camera, perfume, water.


Favorite visual artists.


Strangeloop’s visuals are on another level. I Love Teebs. Jackson Pollock, because I like the messy/put together contradiction. Mark Rothko, his immensity and color have some kind of calming effect. My good friend Andrew Cortes, cause everything he paints is awesome.


Most influential ppl in your life up to this point


Both of my grandmas, my mom, and my friends who are also succeeding and doing what they love.


Let’s just end with shout outs, last words to the fans, etc…


Shout out to my fam, my boy, my girls, HW&W, Alpha Pup, Beat Cinema, Soulection, and of course to everyone listening.. the reason I keep on doing this.




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Ganz is the 2nd person we ever signed off the strength of a demo submission. We sat down with him recently to discuss life & things and he hit us with this killer track, “Bonecrusher” that can be downloaded for free.



State your name and place of residence.


Jordy Saämena, Amsterdam




What was it like growing up in Holland? What is the music scene like over there?


Growing up in the south of The Netherlands is quite boring, I had to travel for at least 1 1/2 hours to go to cities like Amsterdam or Rotterdam. The scene over here is not as big as other countries but it’s up and coming. There are a lot of talented folks who are also up and coming like me. There’s a lot of guys whose productions I love like, Vincent-Paolo, BeauDamian, Deon Custom and a lot more.


Who are some of your early influences? How did you get started in production?


J Dilla, Madlib, 9th Wonder, and from other genres.. guys like Artful Dodger, Zinc and many more UK Garage producers. I started 10 years ago when I was playing drums. I played drums for about 2 years and wanted to experiment with other sounds and elements. I wanted to create full tracks instead of just playing the drums. But also my Moluccan roots had a big role of influence in my productions. In a lot of tracks I put some nice pacific sounds and percussion-rhythms or flutes in it, for example “Folie À Deux” or “She Didn’t Float”.




How would you describe your sound? Describe your writing/production process? Most important studio equipment?


My sound is a combination of Hip Hop and Electronic. I produce a varied sound with a lot of inspiration coming from different genres like I already said, Hip Hop and Electronic, but also maximalism, r&b and early UK Garage. I love to combine several genres and create something different from the average hip hop or r&b track. Like my previous EP’s, there were a lot of different kind of tracks. Some a bit more hip hop or tracks with heavy bass lines and others more house-y or future garage. I like to work with different kinds of software because it keeps me focused on what I do and I like to experiment with sounds and elements. Most of the time I start working on the drum section or vocals. When I hear a dope vocal, I’ll chop it up and try to tweak with it. With drums also, most of the time I start with a Hip Hop base and try to create a whole track around it. In Ableton live it’s pretty nice and easy to create some dope tracks because of the unlimited ways you can go with sampling stuff or tweaking around with effects. My studio equipment is a Macbook Retina 15” with KRK RP8’s, a M-Audio midi keyboard and an Akai MPD32. These are the most important things for me working on tracks. I wish I had more stuff but for now these are the only things I need.


How familiar are you with what HW&W has been doing the past couple years?


In 2009 i was listening a lot to Elaquent’s “After Midnight”. I wanted to hear more of his stuff and in 2011 I found his newer albums released on HW&W. After that I kept on following HW&W and found the other artists on the label, Ta-Ku, Kaytranada and Evil Needle. This label has that sound I was looking for.




What are you interests outside of music?


Besides making music I like to hang out with my friends and family. Have a drink or chill for the whole night. I’m also doing things with video editing and graphic design. I think it’s nice not always having to rely on others and make my own designs.


Who are you favorite producers currently?


I got a lot of producers I really like but I think my favorite producers are Flume, Ta-Ku, Hudson Mohawke, Rustie, Kaytranada, Lapalux, 813, Hourglass Sea and a also upcoming and Dutch friend of mine named Deon Custom.


Give any shout outs. Last words.


At the moment I’m working hard on this EP for HW&W and hopefully I can give you some previews soon. Just think lots of dreamy sounds and vocals with hard hitting drums.

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HW&W Interview with Sweater Beats



Sweater Beats, from the jump has always been one of HW&W’s most prolific producers. The soft spoken, mild mannered New York native has made his presence known with his knack for smooth remixes that gets the girls dancing. He recently even caught the attention of Diplo, who alongside Ta-ku made his Endless Summer Playlist. This Friday marks his return to LA where he will playing a string of shows with Bahwee, Gao, and the rest of the crew. With his debut EP in the works and an upcoming Australian tour on the books we expect big things from Sweaters this year. Luckily our intern Will was in Brooklyn a while back and sat down with Sweaters to discuss music and things. Enjoy.

So what got you started on the beats?


I guess, well, I grew up playing guitar in bands and all that emo shit, you know that whole wave. I was hella into that in like middle school and high school, but then when I got to my first year of college, one of my friends showed me Ratatat, and I was blown away. I’d never heard of anything like them before, so I started trying to make things like that with Reason, and that’s pretty much what got my started making beats.


You still use Reason?


No, I just use Ableton and some VST’s.


Aight, so you kinda mentioned some influences, but if you could name a few, like top-five most influential people?


Top five super influential people in music for me? Damnnnn… Top five has to be Pharrell, Timbaland, Onra, R. Kelly, and Daft Punk.




How about top five strictly hip hop producers.


Hip hop producers? Timbaland and Onra I’ve already mentioned. Kanye West, Dr. Dre and Pete Rock most definitely.


Talk about how growing up in New York influenced your sound.


Ok, well let me set this straight, I did not grow up in New York.


Oh shit. My bad.


I just moved here like, two years ago. Just getting the record straight.


Where’d you grow up?


I grew up in Rockville, Maryland, and growing up in those suburbs definitely influenced my music a lot. There wasn’t really a lot to do except for being in a band with your friends and skateboarding.


What’s Maryland like for an up and coming producer?


Oh man, well you gotta either go to Baltimore or DC, cause those are like the scenes out there, as far as I know.


Is it just like a bubble, you know getting caught up in the whole small town thing?


Yeah, I mean growing up I was just like in the loop with a bunch of neighborhood kids, and we’d for bands and make like indie rock and roll, and alternative stuff, that sort of thing.


Aight, what made you want to join HW&W the label, and how did you guys link up?


Well I first heard about Huh What and Where when I got the Ta-Ku LateNYC jam. That shit was such an incredible record. I saw that it was released by HW&W and so I tracked down more of their stuff, and like I really fucked with pretty much everybody on the roster.




Ok word, word. Now I gotta know.. who is the worst producer on HW&W?




…and you have to say the name.


oh man, I can’t do that. Worst producer. I can’t even, how do I even answer that?


Yeah, it’s brutal.


Hahaha oh come back to that, cuz I cant even… whaaa?


Ahhhh, moving on. What do you think about the new age media generation that we are a part of? For example, the whole up and coming electronic scene and the role of the internet and all that shit?


I’m into it, like I think before it was really hard to just get your music to the masses. You really had to hustle a lot more to get your stuff out there. But nowadays you can get upload something and its instantly out there to be discovered on the internet. I’m really into that and I’m totally taking advantage of that.


Right, it’s a great way to be recognized for sure.


You have to have an online presence. It’s a huge part of getting yourself out there these days. Soundcloud has helped me a lot.


That’s how I found out about you.


Soundcloud is definitely a good place to get connected with other producers and bands.


Talk about your studio process for all the nerds out there.


Well I open up Ableton and find a sample I wanna flip, either like a beat or an acapella, and I usually just chop that up first. Sometimes I start with some keys and make a chord progression and work off that.


So you start with the sample, word.


Yeah, I’ll cut something up. Then I work with some soft synths like Zebra, and I just try to color it in, and chop it up with some chords in the back, and then I’ll put a beat on it. I’ll do that and maybe like loop it for 16 bars, and that’s just how I get the core of everything. Then I try to finish it up once I’ve got the main idea. That’s pretty much it, put a little sparkle on top.


Where do you see yourself in the future in regards to music. What are your plans?


I would love to just make music and produce for people.


Anyone in particular you’d like to work with?


I’d definitely like to start hookin up with some R&B artists.



What do you do outside of music?


Well, I’m majoring in media studies and work with web design.


Damn, like constructing websites from the bottom?


Yeah I make websites and I get paid for it. I enjoy it, but I really just wanna make music… Let’s see, what else. Outside of music, I just like to eat.


You like to eat? Haha!


Yeah I like to go eat at places. Music, work, eating.


Ok, what can we expect from you and HW&W this year? What’s cooking?


Well I’m coming out with this new EP, it’s in the final stages of mixing now. Its been a long time in the making and I’m really excited for people to hear it. You guys can expect it out by the end of July. It’s pretty heavy on the low end, I wanted to make something you could physically feel when you hear it in a club. I’m playing more shows, and I’m trying to travel and tour a lot more too.


Speaking of shows… You’ll be back in LA this Friday.


Yeah I’m really excited to be back in LA and to be playing with Bahwee and Mike Gao again and to just kick it there in general. I love that city. And there’s a house party we’re all spinning at on Saturday!


Talk about you most recent trip to LA this past March.


My last trip to LA was amazing! I finally got to meet the HW&W crew, and they really made me feel like family out there. Really glad to have been a part of that Boiler Room show. Easily one of the best nights of my life.



And the upcoming Australian tour? Also, whatever else you have planned for 2013..


Yes I’m going on tour in Australia this July, and currently planning a European tour for this Fall. I’ve also already begun writing new tunes for an EP for Symbols due out in September. I just really want to stay busy making music and playing them for everyone.



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HW&W Interview with Elaquent



Elaquent has a new album dropping on June 24th called Believing. Its been over two years since his HW&W debut, The Midnight After was released and a lot has changed for both EQ and the label. With a European tour under his belt and big plans in the works for world domination it’s safe to say that Elaquent’s about to kick it up a notch or two. Your favorite producer’s favorite producer sat down with us yesterday to discuss his favorite Sega games and his upcoming trip to LA to party with the fambam. Some things never change.






First things first. Finals predictions. You sticking with Miami?


When me, you, and Ta-ku were talking about it last time my prediction was Miami in 7. Gonna have to stick with that, but I’ll definitely admit that the game 3 beat down I seen got me concerned..


Word. Juj always feels left out when we discuss sports so lets move on. You’re gonna be in LA in a couple days and theres a pre-release party for your bitch ass on Saturday (June 15th) you excited for that?


Super hyped for the pre-release party. LA is like a second home to me, and I’ve been anxious to see the homies and finally have people hear this record.


Out of all the homies on the bill, whose set are you most excited to see from our crew?


Mike Gao. We’ve been using his polyplayground app for years, looking forward to watching the creator kill it first hand.


How was your first European tour?


In a few words, a dream come true. Very humbling experience, they show so much love out there. Can’t wait to go back with the crew this time (***hint).


Your new record got everyone from the camp excited. Ta-ku is super stoked on it.. Frans has been bumping it non stop.. I personally think it fucking sucks, but talk about this LP, Believing and what it means and all that.



I was actually going to call it “Believe” but my nigga Justin Bieber beat me to it. A lot of interesting things I’ve done.. primarily touring and reaching the people I’ve reached, and many of the steps I’ve taken in my career.. have all been predicated on people finally starting to believe in me as much as I believe in myself. It was a big deal when my mom told me she supports what I’m doing after all the years of pessimism. Musically I wanted to try different styles and was inspired by all the new places I was fortunate enough to travel to. Just wanted to send the message that any and everything is possible if you believe. Corny as that sounds.


You recently made the decision to pursue music full time for the first time in your life. What ultimately led to this decision?


It’s been something I’ve thought about for a while, I just feel like I’m at the stage in my life where I have to dive in…even if i fail miserably. It will haunt me if I get older knowing that I didnt even try to chase the dream. Whatever happens, happens. I’m not really scared to fail anymore.


You rep the squad super tough, every day. Talk about what HW&W means to you.



HW&W is fucking family. I love all these guys to death. Except Reggie though. Lol. It means a lot to me knowing I was part of the team at the very beginning when it was unknown, to the point now where random Soundcloud producers are hitting me up begging me forward their demo to our label. Feel like a proud dad, ya dig. HW&W believed in me when few other people did.


We’ve been talking about it and talking about it.. Is this HW&W Japan Tour going down or what?


Yo Japan is #1 on my list of places to go. Ta-ku and Gao are in. Whenever Japan and the rest of the world is ready for all of us, we gon swarm like we Wu-Tang or somethin, you know? It’s gonna be pretty crazy, I’ll say that…


What goals do you still have that you want to accomplish through music. What do you still need to cross off the list?


I want to go triple platinum. I want to buy my mom a house. Want to buy my dad a car. All off of the dream. But until then on a more realistic and immediate level, I just want to continue to travel around and share my music with whoever is willing to hear. My bucket list is coming along well.


Let’s do random top 5’s you ready? Top 5 favorite films?


Drunken Master. Iron Monkey. Hardboiled. Pulp Fiction. Carlito’s Way. Ask me again tomorrow, might give you a completely different list.


Top 5 classic producers?


Dilla, Pete Rock, Hi-tek, Primo, RZA. Oh and Quincy Jones.


Top 5 SEGA video games?


Sonic 2, Jet Set Radio, Shenmue, Shenmue 2, Golden Axe.


Top 5 point guards (before 2005)?


John Stockton, Isiah Thomas, Jason Kidd, Gary Payton, Mookie Blaylock.


5 baddest bitches in the game.


Vida Guerra, Ciara, Rosario Dawson, Christina Hendricks, Eva Mendes.



5 best shows you’ve played and in what cities?


Brighton, Paris and Montreal.. all for different reasons too. Different energies but all lots of fun. LA got pretty busy last time i was there too… I have a good feeling about Seattle later this year, lol.


Any final words of wisdom?


Thank you to everybody who believes in me. I do what I do and I’m unapologetic about it. At the end of the day I gotta be me. Make sure you check out that Believing LP in a few weeks and look out for the HW&W compilation dropping in July…our whole team got fire. Shouts out to everybody who holds me down, I do it for y’all.


Believing drops JUNE 24 worldwide. Limited 12″ vinyl will be available. #HWandW

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