After some trial & error and trying out a few different venues, we decided that what we really needa do is have a swaggy space where the squad can come hang out and DJ and shit. On some chill, relaxed shit.. Where your J’s won’t always get stepped on and even if they did, that person would apologize. A place you might see Stwo at, enjoying a beer or Pomo perhaps finishing a puzzle he’d been tackling for weeks. An environment where Tek.Lun would play an hour of unreleased beats rather than awkwardly work Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye into his set as he tends to do…

Luckily the nice lads at Resident DTLA were kind enough to let us do our thing so come through!


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15 Minutes of Unreleased Tek joints

Tek is notorious for his seemingly never ending catalogue. Check out this 15 min mix of his unreleased beats, this is only volume 1.